The Tabata Coffee Table

Inspired by a trip to Vietnam, The Tabata is a dynamic combination of conical volumes, refined materials and three luminous colours. With it, comes the stability of tradition and a flash of modernity in the form of an elegant colour palette.

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Once upon a time a pagoda stood majestically. This was very quickly sketched and transformed into a coffee table to stand in your living room. These divine inspirations create an environment conducive to awakening and the protection of one's own sphere in your home.

The Tabata, pure in form, perfectly counterbalances colourful prints. It has been designed to provide the most sophisticated, elegant and wise version of all the pattern combinations.

Get a feel of Popus’ world with this timeless piece that mixes the virtues of craftsmanship and new technologies.


Width : 150 cm
Depth : 65 cm
Height : 34 cm


Table made of fibreglass, which provides great strength and stability. Several coats of paint have been applied to give the appearance of maximum light.


Glossy lacquer, available in Terracotta and Green. We recommend daily cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive, caustic cleaners or cleaning agents as they may affect the varnish and colour.


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