Jielt Gregoire - Popus Editions

Jielt Gregoire

Jielt Gregoire was born in Belgium in 1990. He is a contemporary designer who works on the creation of furniture and spaces.

With his minimalist approach, he creates concepts where we can see his fascination for the readability and quality of content.

Since Gregoire focuses on materials and the techniques with which his works are produced, they are easily distinguishable by their finish and tactile nature.

Good design work should always refer to the needs of the client, whilst at the same time reflecting the identity of the brand in order to create an emotional connection.

The design and meticulous approach of the floors are reflective of Gregoire’s own persistence and personality.

Our collaborative work with Jielt has already come to fruition in the form of the Path chair. We will also be working on a seating collection with him in the near future.