The Emy Side Table

A soft touch, and playing with texture and surface, ensures that The Emy reaches a perfect balance of shapes and materials. Years pass but ceramics remain. More than just art, ceramics become a life philosophy over time. The Emy’s round shape instills true aesthetic serenity.

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Seen all around us in design magazines and on social media, ceramic has become a material that invites us to be thoughtful, and to cross temporal boundaries in order to find ourselves in front of pieces borne from the hands of expert artisans. These gestures, repeated over time, go hand in hand with this notion of patience, especially important in a world where immediacy reigns supreme.

Far from just a practical piece, The Emy offers a real singularity, an authentic air, as well as the charm of the handmade. Slight variations guarantee the uniqueness and handcrafted nature of ceramics, imposing a different look on each piece. This is what will make you love the Emy table, light and airy as it is, as you carry on this age-old practice  in your home.


Diameter : 50 cm
Height : 52 cm


Our ceramics are made entirely by hand using traditional methods. This makes for  there are slight fluctuations in the material itself, as well as slight differences in colour and size. These aesthetic variations are the expression of a handmade product, and what makes it so charming and unique.


Coloured enamels. Colours available:
- Pink / white ring
- Green / pink ring
- White / pink ring
- Orange / green ring
- Terracotta / pink ring
- Multicoloured: green tray / orange ball / white ring / pink ball


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