Table d'appoint Talia
  • Table d'appoint Talia
  • Table d'appoint Talia
  • Table d'appoint Talia

The Talia Side Table

The Talia is a table inspired by antique cut crystal glass. Its name is evocative of  elegance and refinement, which is definitely reflected in the product itself. It sits in your living space like a jewel, adding a touch that is colourful or unusual, but always elegant. It is complete with exquisite facets that show off its shiny lacquer.

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A marriage of grooves and flutes gives the Talia table a rich character and a sophisticated look in its simplicity. The finesse of these sculpted effects, installed in the world of fashion, allows you to emulate this trend at home, in a combination of glamour and delicacy.

Its versatility allows it to go from the living room to the bedroom and its vertical lines enlivens any space it's in. It is as playful as it is decorative. With its perfect stability and unstoppable style, you will easily find a place for it in your space.

The lacquer and design lends a seductive note to this elegant jewel.


Diameter : 52 cm
Height : 50 cm


Fibreglass table, which provides great strength and stability. Several coats of paint have been applied to give an appearance of maximum light.


Glossy lacquer, available in green, pink, white, yellow, terracotta. We recommend daily cleaning with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive, caustic cleaners or cleaning agents, as they may affect the varnish and colour.


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