Create a sofa that suits you

Our process features the precise selection of fabrics, creative collaboration, more vibrant colours or softer ones, we’d like to invite you to personalise your indoors, infusing the space with well-being and good vibes/humour.

As Coco Chanel said, ‘The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you!’ And, in that spirit, we have designed a collection of furniture/seats that you can personalise in the same way one would accessorise their favourite dress. With our playful-chic furniture, it’s easy to transform any space, injecting into it a breath of life. Our nature-inspired lights, vibrant colours, and complementing accessories will transport your house into a universe of celebration and one that is wholeheartedly popular, all while respecting social and environmental standards.

Timeless collections

Round shapes, delicate materials, soft textures and a colourful spirit are what makes this, the first POPUS collection. You’ll adopt without compromise varnished wood and its different variations, ceramics in an artisanal style to lend them more authenticity, carefully chosen materials chosen from a generous colour palette. Our products strike the perfect balance of juxtapositions, never forgetting the coherence that is indispensable in the creation of all interiors, however different they may be.

Our inspiration

Without a doubt, travel is the main influence in the Popus collections. We believe strongly that new encounters, discovery, changes of scenery, and curiosity through travel are some of the best ways to understand the world, to share culture and to be inspired. In our collection you will find an explosion of different cultures that exist in harmony, that will take you on a journey that you can customise completely, according to your wishes. At a time when travel is done with only the luggage of the heart, why not put a love of travel in your home instead? Open up your space to luminous inspiration and create your very own joyful and daring world.

Nos inspirations