Interior design

Our inspiration has always been driven by the atmospheres that surround us, the ambiances in which we are always able to find real strength and space for contemplation.

Architecture intérieur et décoration

When we created our interior design and creative office in Megève, our number one priority was to create projects that felt good, to offer creative solutions, to respond to our clients’ different lifestyles and to render each place unique and alive, in response to our clients’ requirements.

The interior of a restaurant or any other place may seem simple, and yet… we find that listening and establishing precise specifications is the best way to find success in the design and creation of a harmonious and coherent whole.

Our mission at Popus studios is to listen to your desires and needs, it’s to analyse your project in great detail, paying close attention to its surfaces, and the features that you do and don’t desire. It is in this way that we find the best architectural solutions that create an aesthetic, functional, comfortable, and sustainable interior.

We also assist professional clients in their creation of an architectural concept that is consistent with the values and branding of their company.

We offer design and interior architecture for a complete end-to-end solution from conception to realisation for residential and professional projects such as restaurants and hotels, to name but a few.

We strive to provide you with the best service, to satisfy your requirements and to anticipate your needs. Our partnership will be based on our fundamental values of skilfulness, consistency and reliability, in order to offer you in-depth expertise in interior design, renovation, and decoration.

Each project is unique, and we measure success primarily in the journey we take together with you. We make sure that our journey is creative, imaginative, enjoyable, and full of surprises.

We want to engage in proper dialogue with you, in order to form a true and equal collaboration so that each house tells its own story, as we create a space where memories blend with new objects and beautiful lights and colours awaken the sensations that make us feel alive.