About Us

Popus was born from an interconnected passion for architecture, design and decoration, from a love of colour, prints, materials and patterns that dates back years.

Yannick Gicquel - Popus Editions

Yannick Gicquel

Yannick has followed a singular path in life. After many trips, he decided to launch a furniture and decor house in 1992. In 1998, meeting Fanny gave him the chance to take a new direction in his work. Together, they added a contemporary spirit to their work and started to invite designers to collaborate with them in order to create collections that were strong in personality. They reached new levels of success all over the world, especially in the United Kingdom, where they later settled to raise their family.

From this adventure onwards, Yannick has never ceased to develop his expertise or to refine his incredible eye.

Fanny Gicquel

At one time a press attaché in Paris, with a passion for the prints and bright colours of the 60s and 70s, her path changed when she met the man who was to revolutionise her professional horizons. Fanny joined Yannick in his work and together they designed collections, moving to Megeve in the French Alps together in 2010. Here they launched a true personal project, a new venture with Refuge, an architect’s studio that revamps the landscape of mountain chalets and that, above all else, cherishes warmth and atmosphere in a home.

This project was followed by great success that came in the form of a small capsule collection exhibited at Maison et Objet.

For a longtime, Fanny has spent considerable periods in London, a city from which she says she draws her energy and an inspiration that is so cosmopolitan. Now, still together, and now living in the English capital, Yannick and Fanny turn to  a new chapter in their creative story, returning to their first passion of furniture design in order to give birth to POPUS Editions.

Fanny Gicquel - Popus Editions
Savoir-faire : Architecture intérieur décoration Popus Editions

Our know-how

Our inspiration has always been driven by the atmospheres that surround us, the ambiances in which we are always able to find real strength and space for contemplation. When we created our interior design and creative office in Megève, our number one priority was to create projects that felt good, to offer creative solutions, to respond to our clients’ different lifestyles and to render each place unique and alive, in response to our clients’ requirements.

Our inspiration

Without a doubt, travel is the main influence in the Popus collections. We believe strongly that new encounters, discovery, changes of scenery, and curiosity through travel are some of the best ways to understand the world, to share culture and to be inspired. In our collection you will find an explosion of different cultures that exist in harmony, that will take you on a journey that you can customise completely, according to your wishes. At a time when travel is done with only the luggage of the heart, why not put a love of travel in your home instead? Open up your space to luminous inspiration and create your very own joyful and daring world.

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