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Yannick Gicquel - Popus Editions

A multi-faceted city

London is an inspiring, fascinating, and multi-faceted city. A true breeding ground for creative minds, this subtle blend of classicism, ultra-sophistication and royal folly has long endeared us to the English eclecticism that many of our fellow frenchmen look past. London is a lifestyle, a city that is joyous despite its grey skies, attached to its traditions and its aristocratic past, and peppered with a romanticism and a constant vintage-feel.

To love London is to love walking in its picturesque gardens that look like they could come straight out of Harry Potter, it’s to love the quiet spaces where drinking a hot chocolate becomes a ritual in itself.

London has an allure that instantly transports you back to times gone by, a tad worn, with an old-fashioned look that is marked at the same time by modernity and avant-gardism.

To love London is also to love precious and colourful fabrics, sweeping and encircling velvets, wallpapers that echo the garments of Her Majesty the Queen, and its signature antique brass.

A style that is ‘so-charming’

Above all, to love London means to love a codified world, where they still hold onto a particular art of living, that is marked both by humour and light-heartedness.

This ‘so-charming’ style that we love at Popus, is characterized by the subtle interplay of patterns, exuberant prints, and bright colours, which create an opulence that is at the same time offbeat and harmonious. Allow us to introduce you to our London, and let us share our influences from across the Channel with you. This pop-story is also where Popus Editions finds its origin.

Our neighbourhood is Kensington, not far from the local park. Almost all the street names end in ‘garden,’ in this area, which I find poetic in the middle of a capital city. These are small streets, and all have their own private gardens, a place to meet on sunny days, though more often than not it's not so sunny! It’s here that we take walks with our children and with our dog, we drink prosecco as we soak up the first rays of sunshine. Above all we talk. The English have shared their warm, chatty side, with us, the Europeans. We worked on the models we made in the middle of the pandemic, a time when the whole city saw itself become one big garden. We took inspiration from an astutely arranged floral mix in a deliciously old-fashioned place of freshness that filled our space with fragrance during this difficult time.

Fanny Gicquel - Popus Editions
Yannick Gicquel - Popus Editions

Our Starting Point...

We wanted to use lively prints in order to create patterns so as to form a scene that struck a harmonious balance between volume, colour, and material.

The painted doors of these quaint houses had become a means of escapism for us, transporting us into the heart of a filmic universe. Every day we’d ask ourselves which colour door was the most beautiful. On them we saw a festival of blues in the deepest tones, a wealth of reds, sometimes tinted orange and other times burgundy. Not only this, there were also soft shades of green tinged with grey and tender pinks, a balm of serenity to be applied before entering into the home.

Here is the starting point of this, our Pop adventure. Stay tuned to discover our feelings from across the Channel very soon…

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