The Flower Plate

Flower power! Flowers galore, these delicate and sparkling ones infuse this tableware with refinement and make us want a bite to eat, just because of how pretty they are!

A mix of floral inspiration and 70's motifs, this first Popus tableware collection is a modern representation of the British spirit that characterises our brand.

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As with The Clarita, life across the Channel, where floral inspiration runs rampant in an ancestral way, inspired this collection. These old-fashioned decorations with a British feel emulate a deliciously charming taste, mixed with our artisan terracotta. We resurrected a nostalgic trend with these raw materials that reminded us of our passion for ceramics and its authenticity.

This colourful tableware invites us to our tables with shapes evocative of craftsmanship, but with a more contemporary look. We love the delicate flowers and the evanescent colours.


Small plate
Diameter : 22 cm
Height : 2 cm

Large plate
Diameter : 28 cm
Height : 2 cm


Our ceramics are made entirely by hand using traditional methods. This makes for slight fluctuations in the material itself, as well as slight differences in colour and size. These aesthetic variations are the expression of a handmade product, and are what makes it so charming and unique.


Lead-free paint.


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