General terms and conditions of sale, Popus Editions for Private Individuals

POPUS EDITIONS, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 80,000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 890 251 952, whose registered office is located at 14 bis rue de Milan, 75009 Paris, (hereinafter "POPUS EDITIONS") offers objects and design furniture for sale on the website (hereinafter the "Site"), under the brand name "POPUS EDITIONS" (hereinafter the "Product(s)").


The present general conditions of sale (hereafter the "T&C") are concluded between POPUS EDITIONS and any individual consumer, aged at least 18 years and who is judged legally capable (hereafter the "Client") who makes a purchase on the Site.
POPUS EDITIONS and the Client will be referred to together as the "Parties".
The purpose of these T&C is to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in the context of the sale of Products by POPUS EDITIONS to the Client.


Any Client having placed and validated an order accepts in advance and without reservation the entirety of the general terms and conditions of sale in force on the day of the order, which they declare to have read and understood by ticking the box: "I declare that I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale" or any equivalent phrasing.
POPUS EDITIONS reserves the right to modify these T&C at any time, without prior notice, it being understood that such modifications will not apply to orders previously accepted and confirmed by the Client.
These T&C express the entirety of the obligations of the Parties and apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. They are accessible on the Site and shall prevail, if necessary, over any other version or any other document to the contrary.


POPUS EDITIONS will make its best efforts to ensure access to the Site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, but shall in no way be held responsible for interruptions, unavailability or unreliability of the Internet network.


The Products to which these terms apply are those which appear on the Site and which are indicated as being sold and shipped by POPUS EDITIONS under the brand name "POPUS EDITIONS".
The essential characteristics and the prices of the Products sold electronically are available on the Site.
The Products are offered within the limits of available stock.
The Products are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy and exhaustiveness. In the event of an error or omission in the description or presentation, POPUS EDITIONS cannot be held responsible. The information on the Products, the descriptions, dimensions and colours, and the photographs made available to the Client by POPUS EDITIONS are, as far as possible, reliable, exact and exhaustive. However, POPUS EDITIONS cannot give any guarantee in this respect.
As certain Products are handmade, POPUS EDITIONS cannot guarantee the Client strict conformity of the Products to their representation on the Site, nor their exact dimensions.
For any additional information concerning the Products or any information relating to a product that is not offered on the Site, the Client is invited to contact the POPUS EDITIONS customer service department (hereinafter "Customer Service") by writing to the following address:


The prices, indicated in euros, are firm and definitive and are those shown on the Site on the day of order. The prices are listed inclusive of all taxes, including the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the applicable VAT rate will automatically be reflected in the price of the Products sold on the Site.
The prices displayed do not, however, take into account delivery costs, which vary according to the place of delivery and are invoiced in addition and indicated before the order is validated. For deliveries requiring an appointment, additional costs may be applicable in the event of the Customer's failure to make an appointment (costs related to the scheduling of a new appointment, costs of the delivery made impossible).
For deliveries outside France or the European Union, customs duties and other taxes may be applied and must be paid by the Customer directly to the carrier.
There is the possibility offered to the Customer to pay their purchase in several instalments in accordance with the provisions of article 6.6 below. In all other cases, payment of the full price must be made at the time of ordering, failing which the order will not be validated.


The Customer may place an order for any Product, within the limits of available stocks, via the Site, from the online catalogue. In the event that an ordered Product is unavailable, the Customer will be informed by email.
The ordering process includes the following steps :

6.1. Creation of a Customer Account

The Customer wishing to place an order must first register on the Site and create an account (hereinafter "Customer Account"), under the conditions described below.

In order to create a Customer Account, the Customer must fill in the information required to process their orders (billing, delivery) in an online form provided for this purpose as well as their surname, first name, gender, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address and password.

The details entered by the Customer are done so under their full responsibility, control and direction and the Customer undertakes not to usurp the identity of a third party.

The Customer will receive an email confirming registration on the Site. The Customer Account is strictly personal and confidential and allows the Customer to identify themselves before placing and validating each order. The Client undertakes to keep their login details secret and not to divulge them to third parties. POPUS EDITIONS shall not be held responsible for any infringement of the Client Account by a third party due to the Client’s transmission of their login details to a third party or due to the Client's negligence in this respect.

6.2. Adding to Basket

The Customer must add the Product(s) to their basket. The Customer can decide to continue shopping by adding a new product or to validate the basket.  

6.3. Validation of the basket

The Customer must validate their basket after carefully checking its contents.

6.4. Choice of delivery address

The Customer shall enter the delivery address and the billing address if these are different from those indicated when creating their Customer Account.
In the event that, due to the nature, format and/or specificities of the Product ordered and/or the place of delivery, the delivery requires an appointment to be made, the Customer will be notified in due course.

6.5. Validation of the order

When validating the order, the Customer will be invited to check the summary of the order which will be presented to them, showing in particular the price of the Product(s) ordered, the applicable taxes, as well as the delivery costs, depending on the place of delivery and the Product in question (any additional costs may be invoiced when assessing the accessibility of the delivery place).
Before validating their order, the Customer must ensure that they are able to receive the Products they have ordered, and in particular must check that their home is accessible by lift or by a stairwell, suitably adapted to the delivery of bulky Products, if applicable.
During the ordering process and in order for the order to be validated, the Customer must accept, after having consulted them, the present T&C by ticking the box: "I declare that I have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale" or any equivalent wording.

6.6. Payment

After choosing from the payment methods offered and listed on the Site, the Customer shall pay the price of his/her order.
This payment is made exclusively in Euros, in a cash sale, on the day the order is placed.
The payment is secure and is made through a payment service provider whose general conditions the Customer must accept and acknowledge beforehand.
The transaction is immediately debited from the Client's bank card after verification of the data of the latter, upon receipt of the debit authorisation from the company issuing the bank card used by the Client. The Client guarantees POPUS EDITIONS that it has the necessary authorisations to use the method of payment chosen by it when validating the order.
POPUS EDITIONS may not be held responsible for the fraudulent use of the means of payment used to make a purchase.
When the Client confirms their order by clicking on the icon "Validate my payment" (or any equivalent phrasing), they are considered to have accepted, with full knowledge of the facts, the content and conditions of the order in question, the prices, volumes, characteristics, quantities and delivery times of the Products offered for sale.
POPUS EDITIONS will send an email to the Client confirming the acceptance of the order with the list and order references of the Product(s) purchased, including their price excluding tax and including tax as well as the delivery time.

In the event of an error when entering the email address for the order, or of non-receipt of the e-mail message confirming the order, POPUS EDITIONS shall not be held responsible. Except in the case of cancellation of the order by POPUS EDITIONS, in particular due to the unavailability of Products, the sale will be considered as final.
Where applicable, the Client may exercise their right to withdrawal under the legal conditions evoked in article 9 below.
The sale will be considered final after sending the Client the electronic mail confirming that their order has been accepted and after POPUS EDITIONS has received the full price of the item, except when the Client has chosen the option of payment in several instalments as specified below.
In certain cases, in particular failure to pay, partial payment or payment incident, or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud relating to the use of the Site, incorrect address or any other problem relating to the Client Account, POPUS EDITIONS reserves the right to suspend the Client's order until the problem is resolved.

Payment in several instalments

The Client has the possibility of paying for their order in several instalments through POPUS EDITIONS' partner, Crédit Coopératif, for all purchases of between 450 € including VAT and 6000 € including VAT. 
For any question relating to the follow-up of an order, the Client must send an email to the following address:


7.1 Delivery address

POPUS EDITIONS delivers the Products presented on the Site around the world, with the exception of certain oversized Products ordered on the Site, which are only delivered within Metropolitan France and the European Union. Any Customer located outside Metropolitan France or outside the EU wishing to order oversized Products must contact the Customer Service Department whose contact details are given in article 4.

As the Products are delivered to the address indicated by the Customer, the Customer must ensure that this address is correct. In the event of an error in the wording of the recipient's address, POPUS EDITIONS shall not be held responsible.

Any Product returned to POPUS EDITIONS due to an erroneous or incomplete delivery address will be reshipped at the Client's expense.

7.2 Delivery methods

In the event that the delivery of the Products requires an appointment to be made with the Client, the Client undertakes to be available to receive the Products on the date and at the time previously agreed with the carrier selected by POPUS EDITIONS.

The place of delivery must be accessible to the carrier. For deliveries on the first floor, the Client must ensure that his home is accessible by lift or by a stairwell adapted to the delivery of bulky Products. Floor deliveries are up to the 4th floor, for deliveries to higher floors additional charges will be applied or, failing that, the Product will be delivered at the foot of the building. This will be finalised by the carrier selected by POPUS EDITIONS when an appointment is made.

If the Client is absent at the time of delivery, a notice will be left in the letterbox and an email will be sent to the Client to agree on a new delivery date and time. The costs of this second delivery will be borne by the Customer.

If the Customer fails to respond within 15 (fifteen) days following the email sent to agree on a new delivery date and time, the storage of the Products that could not be delivered will be invoiced to the Customer for each additional day beyond the fifteenth day.

7.3. Delivery times

The delivery times run from the date of registration of the order indicated on the order confirmation email.
Delivery times and costs vary according to the country of destination, the weight of the package and the availability of the Products ordered. The Products are sent with the delivery note, to the delivery address indicated by the Customer when ordering.
For deliveries in Metropolitan France, the delivery time is 3 (three) to 30 (thirty) working days from the day following the day on which the Customer placed his/her order, depending on the delivery method chosen.
For international deliveries, the delivery time is 6 (six) to 45 (forty-five) working days from the day following the day on which the Customer placed the order, depending on the forwarding agent and the country of destination.

In the event of late delivery, the order shall not be cancelled. POPUS EDITIONS shall inform the Client by email that the delivery will be delayed. If the announced delay is more than [TO BE COMPLETED] days in relation to the maximum standard deadline, the Client may decide to cancel the order if they so wish.
In order for these deadlines to be respected, the Client must ensure that they have provided accurate and complete information concerning the delivery address (such as: street number, building number, staircase, access codes, names and/or intercom numbers, floor, etc.). POPUS EDITIONS may not be held responsible for the consequences of a delay or impossibility of delivery resulting from erroneous information from the Client or from an unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party to the contract, or from a case of force majeure.

7.4. Receipt of products and transfer of risk

Any risk of loss or damage to the Products is transferred to the Customer at the time when the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer, other than the carrier, takes physical possession of the Products.
The Customer is obliged to check the condition of the Products upon delivery.
If, at the time of delivery, the original packaging is damaged, torn or open, the Customer must carefully check the condition of the Products. If they have been damaged, the Customer must refuse the parcel and note a reason on the delivery slip (parcel refused because opened or damaged). At the same time, the Client must inform POPUS EDITIONS by email, as soon as possible and at the latest 3 (three) working days after delivery.

POPUS EDITIONS will then undertake to replace, at its own expense and as soon as possible, the product damaged during transport or to reimburse it if replacement is not possible.

This verification is considered to have been carried out once the Client, or a person authorised by the Client, has signed the delivery note.

7.5. Delivery errors

In the same way, the Client must inform POPUS EDITIONS by email, on the same day as the delivery and at the latest 3 (three) working days after the delivery, of any claim of error in delivery in relation to the indications on the order form.
After verification, POPUS EDITIONS will send an email explaining the return procedure if the error is proven and will then undertake to replace, at its own expense and as soon as possible, the Product or to reimburse it if replacement is not possible.


The Customer benefits from the legal guarantee of conformity, in accordance with the provisions of articles L. 217-4 et seq. of the French Consumer Code and the legal guarantee of hidden defects of articles 1641 et seq. of the French Civil Code.

The legal guarantee of conformity is defined in Articles L.217-4, L.217-5, L.217-12 and L.217-16 of the Consumer Code, reproduced below (translated from the French).

  • Article L. 217-4 of the French Consumer Code: "The seller delivers goods that conform to the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery. He shall also be liable for any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when the latter was made his responsibility by the contract or was carried out under his responsibility".
  • Article L.217-5 of the French Consumer Code: "The good is in conformity with the contract: if it is fit for the use usually expected of a similar good and, where applicable : if it corresponds to the description given by the seller and has the qualities that the seller presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model; if it has the qualities that a buyer may legitimately expect in view of the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labelling; or if it has the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or is suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the seller's attention and accepted by the latter”.
  • Article L.217-12 of the French Consumer Code: "Action resulting from the lack of conformity is limited to two years from the delivery of the goods".
  • Article L.217-16 of the French Consumer Code: "When the buyer asks the seller, during the course of the commercial guarantee granted to him at the time of the acquisition or repair of a movable good, for a repair covered by the guarantee, any period of immobilisation of at least seven days shall be added to the duration of the guarantee that remained to run. This period shall run from the date of the buyer's request for service or from the date the goods in question are made available for repair, if this is after the request for service.

When acting under the legal warranty of conformity, the Customer:   

  • has a period of two years from the date of delivery of the Product to act;
  • may choose between repairing or replacing the Product, subject to the cost conditions set out in Article L.217-9 of the French Consumer Code;   
  • is exempted from proving the existence of a defect in the conformity of the Product during the twenty-four (24) months following the delivery of the Product.

The legal guarantee for hidden defects is defined in articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code:

  • Article 1641 of the Civil Code: "The seller is bound by the warranty for hidden defects in the item sold which render it unfit for the use for which it was intended, or which so diminish this use that the buyer would not have acquired it, or would only have paid a lower price for it, if he had known about them.
  • Article 1648 paragraph 1 of the Civil Code: "The action resulting from redhibitory defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years of the discovery of the defect".

The Customer may invoke the guarantee against hidden defects in the item sold in accordance with Article 1641 of the Civil Code. In this case, the Customer may choose between rescinding the sale or reducing the sale price in accordance with Article 1644 of the Civil Code.


In accordance with the provisions of articles L. 221-18 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, the Client shall have a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the day following receipt of the Products to notify POPUS EDITIONS that it renounces its purchase, without having to justify its decision or pay any penalties.
The Client must exercise their right of withdrawal by informing POPUS EDITIONS of his decision to withdraw by sending, before the expiry of the 14 (fourteen) day period, the withdrawal form in the appendix, or any other unambiguous statement expressing their wish to withdraw, to the following email address:

Any claim made outside this period will not be accepted.
If the return request is validated by POPUS EDITIONS, POPUS EDITIONS will send the Client an explanatory email detailing the return procedure.
The return of the Product must be carried out by the Client according to the initial method of shipment, it being specified that the costs and risks linked to the return of the Product(s) are the exclusive responsibility of the Client.
The Product(s) must imperatively be returned perfectly protected, with the labels, in their original packaging, in a perfect state of resale and with the reference of the order to the address communicated by the Customer Service of POPUS EDITIONS in the aforementioned explanatory email.
Any product returned incomplete, damaged, deteriorated or visibly used will not be accepted by POPUS EDITIONS.
The return of the products will give rise to a refund equal to the purchase price of the Product(s) purchased as well as the initial standard delivery costs, by crediting the bank account of the Client who placed the order, within a maximum period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which POPUS EDITIONS has been informed of the consumer's decision to withdraw or until recovery of the Products if this period is longer. POPUS EDITIONS will not be obliged to reimburse the additional delivery costs if the Client has expressly chosen a more expensive delivery method than the standard delivery method proposed by POPUS EDITIONS.
Furthermore, the return costs resulting from the exercise of the right of withdrawal shall be borne by the Client. POPUS EDITIONS does not offer exchanges. The Client must return the Product which does not suit them. It will then be reimbursed and the Client may order a new Product on the Site.
As an exception to the above, in the event of an error attributable to POPUS EDITIONS (defective new item or error in the preparation of the order), POPUS EDITIONS shall bear the cost of returning the item. The Client must send the carrier's invoice to POPUS EDITIONS in order to obtain reimbursement.
Furthermore, in accordance with article L.221-28 of the Consumer Code, the Client may not benefit from a right of withdrawal in respect of Products made to their specifications or clearly personalised (choice of a specific fabric, personalised embroidery etc.).
The Client is thus informed that in application of this article, certain Products offered by POPUS EDITIONS do not fall within the scope of the right of withdrawal. This is the case of sofas made to the Client's request which will only be manufactured to order and for which the Client will have chosen a particular publisher's fabric, requiring specific work on the part of POPUS EDITIONS or any third party appointed by POPUS EDITIONS.


For any information, complaints about the products on the Site, questions or advice, the Customer must contact Customer Service.

Customer Service can be reached by email: and by telephone on 06 37 10 21 63 Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.


In the event of the occurrence of a force majeure event that prevents or makes it impossible for a party to perform one or more of its obligations under these T&Cs and that was not reasonably foreseeable at the time of acceptance of these T&Cs (including in particular : natural disasters, bad weather, fires, strikes, riots, acts of public, civil or military authorities, epidemics, pandemics, health measures related thereto), the affected Party shall be released from its obligations under these T&Cs impacted by the force majeure event and shall not be liable for any breach of its obligations for the duration thereof.
The Parties expressly agree that any resurgence or measure related to a pandemic or epidemic that is likely to have a significant impact on the production and/or delivery times of the Product shall be considered a force majeure event.
The Party affected by the event of force majeure shall immediately inform the other Party and shall do everything in its power to avoid, reduce or eliminate the causes of the delay and resume performance of its obligations as soon as the event invoked has disappeared.
If the event of force majeure continues for a period of more than 1 (one) month, these T&C may be terminated by either Party by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.


POPUS EDITIONS is the sole owner or exclusive licensee of the intellectual property rights :

  • on the Website, and in particular on its tree view, on the organisation and titling of its sections, on its visual and graphic identity, on its design, on its ergonomics, on its functionalities, on the software, texts, animated or still images, sounds, drawings, graphics and any other element composing the Website,
  • on the photographs of the Products,
  • on the databases, their structure and content, designed and managed by POPUS EDITIONS for the purposes of publishing the Site,
  • on all the design elements of the Site, whether graphic or technical,
  • on the brands, names, acronyms, logos, colours, graphics or other signs that may be used, produced or implemented by POPUS EDITIONS within the framework of the Site.

Consequently, it is forbidden to reproduce in any form whatsoever, directly or indirectly, these elements as well as to alter the photographs, brands, names, acronyms, logos, colours, graphics or other signs made available on the Site.


The purchase by the Client of POPUS EDITIONS Products for resale for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.


In the context of the sale of the Product(s), POPUS EDITIONS will have access to the Client's personal data. Personal data" refers to any information allowing the Client to be identified either directly (surname, first name) or indirectly (e.g. client number) within the meaning of Regulation (EU) n°2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 known as "GDPR".

The personal data that POPUS EDITIONS is required to process, based on the need to perform the contractual terms and conditions resulting from these T&C, may include information concerning:

  • Identity (e.g. surname, first name, date of birth, postal address, email address, telephone number);
  • Payment;
  • Follow-up of the commercial relationship (e.g.: order history, after-sales service).

POPUS EDITIONS will process the Client's personal data for the following purposes:

  • to enable the creation of the Client Account,
  • to communicate with the Client in the context of placing an Order,
  • to carry out the delivery of the Products,
  • to respond to requests concerning the order and/or the Products,
  • and more generally for the proper management and execution of the T&C.

The Client is also informed that his personal data may be used to send them a newsletter informing them of POPUS EDITIONS news, promotions and commercial operations in progress, if they expressly give his consent when creating their Client Account and/or validating their order.

The Client may withdraw their consent at any time either by clicking on the unsubscribe link present in each email or by emailing
POPUS EDITIONS undertakes to process the Client's personal data in strict compliance with the regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, in particular the GDPR, and the French law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 known as the "Loi Informatique et Libertés" (hereinafter together the "Regulations applicable to the protection of personal data").
The Client's personal data collected by POPUS EDITIONS shall be kept for a limited period of time that is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of the intended purpose, in accordance with legal requirements.
POPUS EDITIONS implements all technical and organisational measures necessary in order to ensure the security of the processing of the Client's personal data that it handles, as well as their confidentiality.
POPUS EDITIONS undertakes not to disclose or transfer the Client's personal data to third parties other than (i) the subcontractors providing the service or delivering the Product, and (ii) the financial partner managing the payment of the order. The latter act as subcontractors of POPUS EDITIONS, on the instructions of POPUS EDITIONS and in compliance with the Regulations applicable to the protection of personal data.
POPUS EDITIONS endeavours to keep the Client's personal data in the European Union. However, the Client's personal data may be transferred to certain subcontractors of POPUS EDITIONS, namely its transporters, located outside the European Union. POPUS EDITIONS ensures that the processing is carried out in compliance with the Regulations applicable to the protection of personal data and that it is overseen by the tools put in place in this framework (adequacy decision or Standard Contractual Clauses).

In accordance with the Regulations applicable to the protection of personal data, the Customer has a right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation and portability of their personal data. The Client also has the right to object to their data being processed for commercial prospecting purposes by POPUS EDITIONS as well as the right to lodge a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) if they consider that the processing carried out by POPUS EDITIONS constitutes a violation of their personal data.
The Client's rights concerning their personal data can be exercised at any time with POPUS EDITIONS by email at the following address:
The Client is also informed of the POPUS EDITIONS’ use of cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website, audience measurement cookies and social network cookies.
Cookies are small files of limited sizes sent by the internet server to the cookie file of the browser, located on the hard disk of the Client's computer, tablet or mobile.
Only the cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site may be stored on the Customer's device. Other cookies require the Customer's consent in accordance with Article 86 of the French Data Protection Act. At any time, the Client may modify or withdraw their consent.
POPUS EDITIONS uses technical cookies to ensure the functioning of the Site and to improve the Client's browsing comfort (adapting the presentation of the Site to the display preferences of their terminal such as the language used or the display resolution). The use of these cookies, which are strictly necessary for the provision of the service offered by POPUS EDITIONS, is based on its legitimate interest in carrying out its online commerce activity.

Cookies to help analyse use of the Site are also used by POPUS EDITIONS, via the collection of standard connection information and information relating to the behaviour of users of the Site such as the name of the domain and host computer, the Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of navigation on the Site, the number of new visitors to the Site, interactions and the user's path on the Site.

In order to make it easier to share content, some pages of the Site may contain tools or applications linked to third party social networking service providers such as Facebook or Instagram. Through these tools or applications, the social network service provider may set its own cookies on the Client's device. POPUS EDITIONS does not control these cookies and the Client should check the social network service provider's platform for more details on how they use cookies.


If one or more of the stipulations of the present T&C are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation, or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will retain all their force and scope.


The fact that one of the Parties does not take advantage of a breach by the other Party of any of the obligations referred to in these T&C shall not be interpreted for the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.


In the event of a dispute, the Customer must first notify the Customer Service Department by contacting it at the following address: and by telephone on 06 37 10 21 63 from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.
If the dispute persists and in accordance with Article L. 612-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer may have recourse to a consumer mediator in order to find an amicable solution to the dispute, by contacting [TO BE COMPLETED], whose contact details are as follows :


Telephone number : [TO BE COMPLETED]

E-mail address : [TO BE COMPLETED]

Website address : [TO BE COMPLETED]

The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform is also available to any Customer residing in the European Union at the following address :


These T&C are exclusively subject to French law.

In the absence of an amicable settlement, any dispute relating to their validity, interpretation or execution shall be referred to the competent French courts.

Last updated: 03/09/2021


Download the withdrawal form via the link below :