Be daring! Play with contrasts by choosing low-profile architecture and upbeat and welcoming design pieces.

Pop spirit

For the longest time, it has been British culture, filled with its colours, carefully curated details, and its shimmering patterns, that has inspired this new adventure. Soft textures, printed wallpapers, slightly offbeat mixes and colourful notes form the basis of the vibrant world we have created.

Limitless personalization

Bright orange, cheerful yellow, optimistic green, soft pink, warm terracotta, our colours will illuminate your home and inject into it a warm, flavourful feeling. Fancy an interior that is full of character? Make room for graphic, floral, plant, polka dot, stripe, and animal prints! Whether you’re going for realistic or stylised, geometric or blurred, international or classic, our designs are always chic. We have so many possibilities to choose from to spice up your home, either through subtle touches or as a main feature. We offer customisation and variations that have been tried and tested for many years, which you can look through at your own leisure as part of our process to make every space we add to design unique.


Opting for a pattern means going against the grain, it’s stepping away from the age-old trend of neutral tones to instead decide your own style.

The chance to mix and match different patterns and prints is an experience you’ll want to share, as we give you the chance to create fun and cheerful decor that will leave your interior looking sensational.

For example, opt for a sofa with an original design as the centrepiece of your living room, or lamps with strongly feminine shades, for a gentle touch of warm lighting.


This clash of materials is a real starting point from which to enhance a seat or a coffee table.

At Popus, it all comes down to the point of encounter between the hand of the artisan who crafts the material and the vision of the designer. The transformation from vision to reality is completely established in this encounter. 

Close collaboration is the tool by which the craftsman's hand is guided, as it permeates the material until the idea and the action reach fruition as one. 

This collaboration is based on the exceptional knowledge and the know-how of these, the creators of our materials, as well as their strict artistic practices which further enhance their talent and their dynamism. 


We work with well-known and undiscovered creatives as well as major designers, all of whom will set a real trademark for our brand. We form relationships that are genuine and infused with a real passion to establish collections that highlight our tangible and emotional inspirations.

These are collaborations that are based on playful themes, places or objects. Without ever forgetting the importance of knowledge and know-how, these themes are revisited through a contemporary lens, yet still meet our strict standards.


For ten years, we ran an interior design and decoration studio in the dream setting of Megève, a village in the French Alps.

Even then, we chose to deviate from a contemporary style, choosing warmth as we married different eras and genres together. From this we developed a veritable style, a strong identity that you can see in all our products. Playing with new textures and materials, exploring the allure of our fabrics and delicate work on colours and surfaces made up our daily routine. It’s our awareness of the two worlds of time and space that has allowed us total creative control and an unique eye, giving us the opportunity to create lively and comfortable spaces.

If you would like to entrust us with your project, please contact us by email: Our ‘pop-project’ service, currently in creation, will be at your disposal to ensure that your home or workspace meets your expectations.

Our inspiration

Without a doubt, travel is the main influence in the Popus collections. We believe strongly that new encounters, discovery, changes of scenery, and curiosity through travel are some of the best ways to understand the world, to share culture and to be inspired. In our collection you will find an explosion of different cultures that exist in harmony, that will take you on a journey that you can customise completely, according to your wishes. At a time when travel is done with only the luggage of the heart, why not put a love of travel in your home instead? Open up your space to luminous inspiration and create your very own joyful and daring world.

Nos inspirations