The Lena Sofa

The Lena looks straight out of a movie with its generous shapes and big armrests. This sofa invites you to spend long Sundays with the family, stretched out in front of the fireplace. Our influences here come from the creation of living areas, but above all, our love for welcoming spaces was the inspiration for the Lena sofa.

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In decoration, it's all about the details! In an interior, it’s details that can make all the difference.

The beauty of an object or a piece of furniture is often linked to its simplicity. Colour, for example, is the "detail" that is not a detail. It has the power to change an interior completely. But this detail can be even smaller than that, it can blend into the design itself.  The Giovanna will delight all lovers of this subtlety. With a solid and soothing support, you will appreciate it both in use and in look, where you can see this famous detail which makes all the difference.


Seat : 2.5 
Width : 200 cm
Depth : 95 cm
Height : 72 cm
2 cushions

Seat : 3
Width : 230 cm
Depth : 95 cm
Height : 72 cm
2 cushions

Seat : 4
Width : 260 cm
Depth : 95 cm
Height : 72 cm
2 cushions


Our sofas are made of solid beech wood combined with particle board. All our sofas have a 5-year guarantee. dry cleaning recommended. Due to handcrafted manufacturing, the indicated dimensions can vary by a few centimeters.


Old-fashioned suspension with Nosag springs providing very good elasticity and durability. This system is preferred to the classic straps because of its better performance. The seat cushions are covered with a feather topper to ensure softness and comfort. All our foams are certified HR (high resilience) with different densities depending on the desired comfort (between 30 kg/m3 and 38 kg/m3). The foams are covered with a layer of polyester to ensure softness.


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