Coco Cushion

Coming from the angora goat, mohair is a fiber of excellence. Prized worldwide for its softness and resistance, it is undoubtedly the oldest animal fiber still used today. We have chosen a top-of-the-range virgin mohair wool, extremely fine and very soft, for an unequaled quality.

A silky touch and luminous shine bring depth to this ancestral texture. We love this cozy and vaporous side that reveals the depth of the patterns and colors.

Three color combinations and two sizes to dress a sofa, an armchair or a bed.

All our cousins ​​are made thanks to the know-how of French workshops.

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50% mohair
10% wool
25% polyester metallic
15% nylon


100% feather filling


L 45 cm x l 45 cm
L 50 cm x l x 30 cm