Luminaire Pimlico


The Pimlico is sure to be a key piece in your decoration and will make all the difference in your cosy cocoon. A nod to the 70's, it is resolutely vintage in style. It cuts an elegant and refined form that makes it timeless, in style for years and years to come.

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A successful interior is a mix of vintage pieces as souvenirs, design as art, crafts as life. But most of all it's pretty lights and lots of colours. The Pimlico lamp adds a pronounced touch of originality to the scene.

It exists in many variations. Choose the one that suits you best and that gives a unique atmosphere from one room to another. Ideal for the living room, bedrooms and entrance halls, it provides a light, delicate feel.

This lamp creates subdued lights as in your home, giving it a cosy feel.


Light fixture
Diameter : 32 cm
Height : 50 cm

Diameter : 23 cm
Height : 24 cm

Diameter : 32 cm
Height : 32 cm


Hand-turned solid beech wood lamp with glossy lacquer finish.


Available in different lacquer colours, white, green, terracotta and yellow Lampshade in silky white linen or coloured patterned fabric.
Electric cord in woven cotton, 2 meters long, E27 bulb not included, no dimmer.


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