Lampe Aliya
  • Lampe Aliya
  • Lampe Aliya


The Aliya has a flowery print like a pretty dress or like a... taârija. It is indeed this little tam tam that inspired the creation of this lamp.

A band of hand-painted flowers on an authentic ceramic, this lamp is more than a simple light, it carries with it a true universal message of softness.

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"Flowers for spring, groundbreaking!"

Miranda definitely wouldn’t think the same now.

Flowers have always been associated with femininity because of their delicacy, and are a recurring theme in decoration. It is said that flowers are beautiful precisely because they are ephemeral, but this is not the case with The Aliya. Its colours, applied to a raw and noble material such as ceramic, will take over your interior with an authentic spirit and a resolutely poetic note. It is a real favourite that will celebrate these almost graphic flat tints.

To fall for ceramics is also to take the time to carefully choose a beautiful, unique and durable piece, which respects the craftsman who makes it and the environment. We cherish this return to the original sources and to the essential.


Diameter : 35 cm
Height : 80 cm

Diameter : 22 cm
Height : 45 cm

Diameter : 35 cm
Height : 35 cm


Our ceramics are made entirely by hand using traditional methods. This makes for  slight fluctuations in the material itself, slight differences in colour and size. These aesthetic variations are the expression of a handmade product, and are what makes it so charming and unique.


Available in different colors, pink, terracotta and yellow.
2 meters woven cotton cord, E27 bulb not included, no dimmer.


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